Monday, July 9, 2012

Tri-ing for Something Greater

While I was in Swaziland in 2006, Tommy completed his first long course triathlon. He loved every mile of it (well, almost every mile). However, his one hesitation was how self-serving it seemed to be and his desire to do something greater.

When my dear friend Courtney was selected earlier this year to compete in her first Ironman triathlon, I was thrilled. Friends since high school, I knew this was something Courtney had longed to do. I was excited to encourage her as she attempted to accomplished something great.
But great wasn't good enough for Courtney.

Courtney wanted to do something greater. She also set a goal to raise $2,000 to support New Life Homes. Here's her video explaining why she's competing for a cause.

We are so thankful for Courtney's desire to "tri" something greater on behalf of the orphaned children who have found a home at New Life Homes. We are also encouraged by her creativity! She is using her resources to advocate for vulnerable children in Swaziland and engage a whole new group of friends Tommy and I (and the children) have never met. Now that is truly something greater.

If you'd like to financially support Courtney's fundraising efforts, visit African Leadership Partners' fundraising page.

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