Where is Swaziland?




Who are you working with?

African Leadership Partners (ALP) is a small, faith-based organization born out of the life work of Peter and Mary Jean Kopp. ALP has several different ministries in Swaziland. These ministries include training local pastors, expanding economic opportunities for widows, providing medical aid, mentoring child-headed households, and caring for vulnerable children. New Life Homes is an ALP ministry that provides care for children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Involvement with New Life Homes will be our primary ministry.

What is New Life Homes?

New Life Homes provides a permanent, Christ-centered home for orphaned or abandoned children who have no other alternative for care. Children are placed in a family setting, which includes 8-10 children and a housemother. Currently there are four homes and 35 children living in community on a 200-acre working farm.

Each family functions as a typical Swazi family, doing all they can to provide for themselves. Seeking to achieve self-reliance in food security, each family is expected to cultivate homestead gardens and generate income through livestock, egg and vegetable production. The products from the farm are sold at market and in turn support the farm, the children, and the school.

In 2009, an on-site school was established to serve children in preschool through seventh grade. Approximately 60 children currently attend the school, half coming from the surrounding community. In addition to the academics offered by the school, children are invited to participate in an afterschool bible club and attend a mid-week church service with their families.

What will you do there?

We will be serving in Swaziland for a minimum of two years. Here's what that may look like:

Agriculture productivity has been declining steadily in Swaziland for the past decade. Factors contributing to this decline include high input costs, the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS, and poor agricultural practices. Tommy will use his skills and knowledge in the field of agriculture to partner with local farmers and improve the economic viability of farming. He will be acting as an extension educator, providing knowledge, encouragement, and support to people both on the farm and in the surrounding community. He also looks forward to connecting with other men that he can encourage and disciple as they grow in their love for Jesus. 

Mandi's primary role will be teaching upper elementary students at the recently established New Life Homes school. Having previously taught preschool at New Life Homes, Mandi is delighted by the possibility of having some of the same students from her very first class. Mandi will also provide leadership and instruction for faith-based programs offered to students and their families. In addition to teaching, she will seek mentorship opportunities with young women in the community.

Additionally, we will be exploring strategies to support child-headed households. In Swaziland, it is not uncommon to find a 13 year-old as the head of the household, acting as the sole caregiver for his or her younger siblings. This is one of the horrible affects of HIV/AIDS. In fact, one in every ten Swazi households has a child running it. We will listen, learn and determine what role we can have in ministering to this special population.


  1. Praying for you and those you will be serving! Your efforts will have an real and eternal meaning!

    1. Thank you Beth! We covet your prayers!

  2. Hey Tommy! This is your fav cousin.......I loved reading about what you are doing and it is so awesome to see you using your gifts and talents for the Lord. I will be praying for you guys along your journey over the next few years! Love, Gina