Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Davis-versary!

All our stuff was packed up, we didn’t know where anything was, and we were utterly exhausted. This was what Mandi and I were feeling as we spent our first night in Davis. It just so happened to be the 4th of July.
Cued by the sounds of booms and bangs, we headed upstairs to the small balcony of our townhouse and between the limbs of one of the large pine trees we could see fireworks rising from Community Park. Looking back, it is crazy to think that we did not know where the fireworks were coming from—let alone how to get to the nearest grocery store
This is a terrible photo, but it is actually from our first night in Davis! See the fireworks to the right of us?
As we celebrated our four year Davis-versary last night, we reflected on how great it has been to become enveloped into a community that has shown us so much love. Davis has its many quirks, but it has some great people and awesome bike paths as well. 
Today summed up our love for this area as we went swimming and read on the shores of Putah Creek, watched some bike races downtown, and finished the evening off at the Austin’s house with some great friends, terrific food, and some intense around-the-world ping-pong played in the middle of the street. We will probably have to write another blog post about Davis sometime down the road, but for now, on our four year Davis-versary, we would like to thank Davis and officially renew our vows for another five months.

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