Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet Raymond

As Mandi and I continue to raise support and receive encouragement, there is no better motivator than thinking about the numerous possibilities to serve people who are looking to change their lives in significant ways.

As previously discussed, we will be based at New Life Homes, which is a permanent, Christ-centered home for orphaned and abandoned children. Nearly all of the daily operations are funded by a working farm that provides employment to a number of people in the community. This has and will continue to be an awesome venue for training and teaching the Swazi people ways that they can break the cycle of poverty and make significant strides to provide an abundant, healthy, and safe food supply for their families.

Installing drip irrigation. A first for the region!

One of the all-star workers that I have gotten to know while previously in Swaziland has gone above and beyond and is now one of the primary managers of the farming operation. Raymond has developed outstanding skills related to selling the farm-grown products to local markets and handling the finances. He is also a very skilled driver (something that is quite valuable in Swaziland).

Not only has he helped turn the farm into an uber-productive training center, but Raymond has replicated many of methods used on the farm to do some pretty amazing things on his own homestead. How awesome is that?!?! It is people like Raymond that make us want to jump on a flight tomorrow!

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