Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meet Donald

This journal entry is from my (Mandi's) first short term trip to Swaziland.
"There is a new boy, who arrived yesterday. Donald. I'm really hoping he goes into grade one, not my preschool class. He's seven. After only being here a few hours I saw him swinging punches."

As God would have it, Donald did end up in the preschool class. Donald came to us from the home of an abusive and angry uncle. Despite his age, Donald had never received any schooling and was lagging developmentally. The structure of school  was a shock to Donald, and almost every day for the first two weeks he engaged in fights--even with the most peaceful students.

Another journal entry:
"Donald has been a challenge at preschool. He is shockingly aggressive towards everyone and shows little remorse. I have to constantly watch him. At the same time, he is seeking so much physical love."

A final journal entry:
"Donald has transformed so much. He went from being so aggressive and now he just wraps himself around me in hugs. He is learning to receive love. It is sweet watching his love tank fill up."

Recent New Life Homes updates confirm that after five years of living "on the farm" Donald has become a completely different person. He is gentle (most the time) and is thriving as he experiences God's love for him through the Christ-centered environment at New Life Homes.

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  1. what a great story of what love can accomplish.