Thursday, June 14, 2012

All Types of Change

Last week, we shared how our time in Davis has become so enriched by working with the high school ministry at our church. For the past two years, we have served with these young people on short term mission trips.
Two years ago we went to Arizona to work alongside the Navajo.

This past year we went to San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.

Students, whether they have committed their lives to living or Christ or not, are moved by these experiences. It can be said, unequivocally, that they want to see change in this broken world. We recently heard a speaker discuss how many young people wear Toms (an increasing popular and trendy shoe company that gives a pair of shoes away to someone in need with each pair purchased), one indicator they want to help “the least of these.”

The students' desire to be part of change provides for great conversation about purpose, careers, and about our long-term trip to Africa. They think it's pretty cool and exotic, and a few of them have even volunteered to be packed in luggage to go with us (we warned them that it might be a bumpy ride). This past week, one of the guys from my high school small group approached me and said that he thinks what Mandi and I are doing is pretty cool and that he would like to support us. He handed me an envelope of money.

To say I we were grateful would be an understatement. I kept thinking about the story from Mark 12 about the widow who gave all that she had to Jesus. This student's sacrificial giving is such a blessing to us! These young people want to be part of God's kingdom work and it is awesome to partner with them in those efforts.

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