Friday, August 22, 2014

Together Again

Isn’t it wonderful to be reunited with someone you love? This past month, a brother, sister, and niece were reunited at New Life Homes.

Seven years ago, due to some unfortunate circumstances, a brother and sister were placed in separate orphan care homes. The brother, Musa, arrived at New Life Homes. The sister, Nsike (n-see-ge) was placed at a home for girls. They rarely had contact and were unable to visit one another.

Last month, Nsike visited Musa at New Life Homes for the weekend. During her visit it was quickly realized Nsike, was in a fairly desperate situation. Several unexpected events left her living alone and caring for her 7 year-old niece Nonhle (pronounced known-hle). She was maintaining the homestead, fetching firewood and water nightly, all while achieving very high grades in her high school classes. It was an easy decision to invite Nsike and Nonhle to stay at New Life Homes permanently.

It has been nothing short of awesome to watch them reunite with Musa and watch their relationship flourish. As part of a proper introduction to you, I feel like I should tell you more about them.

Nsike (far right) hanging out with some of the girls during a weekend retreat.

Nsike is a graceful, funny, intelligent, contemplative, and joyful young lady who is currently in Form 4 (a junior in HS). She has jumped into taking care of the broiler chickens on the farm and has formed a reputation of staying up late studying and helping others study too. She has an awesome singing voice, and we’ve enjoyed the vibrancy she’s brought to our Teens for Christ ministry.

Nonhle is a cute, happy-go-lucky little girl. She is very willing to give hugs, hold hands, and loves all positive attention. She has started preschool and is already improving her English. She has bonded quickly with her new mom, brothers, and sisters. Her sweet, yet clever nature will no doubt warm our hearts and keep us on our toes for years to come.

We praise God for bringing these two to New Life Homes. We ask that you pray for the children, their house mother, Make (ma-gay) Shongwe, and for their futures. We are excited to see how God will continue to work in and through these two young ladies


  1. Thanks for much for posting this Tommy and Mandi! It's great to see the pictures (brings me back)! And I'll vouch for Nsike's crazy good singing voice and Nonhle's affinity for hugs haha! You all will continue to be in my prayers and my heart. Miss those kids already!--and you two as well of course. ;)

    1. Thanks Nick! We appreciate all you did while you were here. Your brain and heart anatomy drawings are still displayed in the classrooms! We look forward to seeing you around the holidays!