Friday, May 2, 2014

Keeping Young Minds Busy

Our greatest goal is to see the children at New Life Children’s Homes come to know and love Jesus Christ personally.

Secondly, we desire to prepare the children here for a brighter future. We place a huge emphasis on education, which extends from New Life Primary School to individual tutoring sessions, a robust library, and learning practical skills on the farm. We are in the middle of a countrywide 3-week long school break. We know from experience that kids tend to get into more trouble when they are less busy, so we try to provide ample opportunities for the kids to stay busy. This week, we hosted a daily science camp.

The goal of the camp was to enrich their school-based science experiences with hands-on experimental learning. All the New Life Homes missionaries pitched in to teach students about simple machines and weather. Mandi organized the daily activities and curriculum, while Tommy taught sessions on agricultural machinery and the water cycle (one of his favorite topics). We had 22 children attend each day, including a few from the community. 


The kids provided some feedback at the end of the workshops.
“Was it too long?”
“Was it fun?”
Several students made specific comments, but I think 12-year old Mnelisi said it perfectly:
“We kept our minds busy all week!”


  1. I praise God for you all as you walk His path in this place of calling. I count it a great privilege to have briefly served there with you and the others that were there at the time. It had a great impact on my worldview. God bless you all.
    Fred Davis, OR, US
    Farm alum 2006

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing the story and photos.

  4. I loved this report. It was colorful, lots of pictures, cut to the chase, and to God be the glory! Thanks for all you do for these wonderful children.

    Linda C.