Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welcome to the Farm

With only four childrens' homes on the farm, each new addition is something to celebrate. Last week, we received news that six children have been joyously welcomed to the farm in the past month. 
The photos below show baby Busiwe being welcomed to the farm by the children and Tommy in 2006.

Two of the children are HIV-positive and have never received medical care. Two of the children, siblings, come from a background of serious neglect. One of the girls is an albino that has been rejected and abandoned by her family. Albinism is a serious cause for concern in Swaziland, where albino children have been targeted because of a belief by witch doctors that the blood and body parts of albinos can bring good luck and fortune when used in potions (an interesting, but somewhat graphic article is below).

Please pray for these new arrivals--that they adapt to their new surroundings, their new families, their new school, and their new way of life. Change can be hard, even when it's a change for the better. Please pray for strength for the children battling HIV/AIDS and that the doctors would have the wisdom to provide the care they require. Pray that the children and staff at New Life Homes would be sensitive to each child's unique needs and know how meet them in a practical and loving way. 

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