Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet Nosipho

Nosipho came to New Life Homes in 2006, a few months prior to our first short-term missions experience in Swaziland. She was found being fed beer outside of a shebeen (unregulated drinking den) and was taken in by an older Swazi woman. A few months later the woman suffered a stroke and was no longer able to care for Nosipho. With a swollen belly and stick arms and legs, Nosipho was welcomed onto the farm at New Life Homes. Her whole being communicated fear, distrust, and brokenness. 

When I met Nosipho, little remained of the distrustful child who arrived at the farm only months earlier. Nosipho's shrieks, laughs, and constant commentary filled the air. "I'm fine. I'm fine! Mother I'm hungry. Hello Busisiwe (her baby sister). I love Mother. I love Busisiwe. I'm fine!!" 

Nosipho became my special friend, often falling asleep in my home after story time. We are eager to see Nosipho again and witness how God can make all things new!


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